About Us

TIZZA Services is a Mozambican company that provides services in immigration processes and associated services and is committed to creating effective and competitive solutions tailored to each individual client.

Since the beginning, TIZZA has successfully assisted many companies, families and individuals with their immigration to and from Mozambique. The very reason individuals and companies employ the services of an Immigration expert is to ensure they receive the very best advice, the most efficient  services and a successful conclusion.

At Tizza Services, we take pride in offering Mozambique’s the most wide range of immigration  services. The success of our service levels and expertise is that, the majority of our clients come from recommendations of other satisfied clients and are willing to supply references.

Mozambique is an emerging market, with prospects for businesses of all sizes and industries, this African nation is a rapidly developing into a land of exciting opportunities.

Mozambique has a substantial number of immigrants from the Southern African Development Community, Europe and Asia ,etc.

To meet the needs in Mozambique, Tizza Services offers a diversity of services while maintaining the individuality of each client. These skilled professionals continuously look for solutions to address the full spectrum of immigration needs, together with our partners and associates in other countries.

Tizza in Maputo also provides other complementary services like , Corporate Affairs, Staff Recruitment, Company Registrations, assisting in registration and processes for Property and Land, amongst others